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We provide an all-in-one solution where each channel has the same services listed and is timed to complement the other channels so you get the highest number of patients back through your doors.


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    Customized to your practice

    Reminders are customized with your logo and brand colors, your preventive care standards and the reminder preferences you have in your practice.

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    Professional quality, designed to stand out

    For the same price you're paying for small, low-impact reminders, our reminders are professional, high quality, and twice the size of traditional reminders.

    All reminders highlight, for example,  <Daisy> due for services at <All Care Animal Clinic> and cards, emails and the pet-owner portal showcase the pet's photo.  These stand-out features get the attention of clients and prompt them to make an appointment.

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    Personalized with breed-specific and actual patient photos

    Print, email, text, mobile and portal reminders are all personalized for each patient.  Images are breed-specific highlighting the human-animal bond.  When available, reminders include actual patient photos to grab the attention of pet parents.

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    Weekly delivery to increase chance of immediate response

    Unlike some other reminder services, Boomerang reminders are delivered weekly and timed to get the client to take immediate action, rather than sticking the reminder on the refrigerator and possibly forgetting it.

    To maximize impact, emails and texts are timed to be received at about the same time as the printed card. Some competitors emphasize that they send electronic reminders in advance to try to save money on print/postage.  But, electronic reminders are lower response.  We can also do this.  But, we strongly discourage it because it reduces impact, response, patient health, and financial results!

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    We now offer 2 Way Texting to our practices. With our easy to use texting portal, you can now have clients text you from the parking lot. This takes the pressure off of your phone lines and anyone in the clinic can respond to the text, from the portal or their personal cell phones (all coming from the main clinic phone #, even if a land line). Another benefit of 2 Way Texting is the ability to schedule follow-up texts to your clients. For example: Surgical patients can now be set to automatically receive follow-up texts, post surgery to see how they are doing. Need to let a client know the results of their pets fecal? Send them a text. Set it and forget it!

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    Appointment Scheduling

    We have created an alliance with a company that provides Appointment Scheduling for your clinic. You can setup and control what appointment slots are available for clients to schedule their services on-line. This can remove some of the pressure from your front desk staff.

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    Appointment Confirmations

    Appointment Confirmations can take up valuable staff time daily. We can now setup appointment emails and texts that will automatically go out to your clients 24 to 48 hours (user defined) prior to their scheduled appointments. This feature works for all appointments, not just appointments scheduled through an app or portal.

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    Client Connection Center

    Follow-up with clients to welcome them, thank them and to make sure their patient services don't lapse. Our Client Connection Center allows you to Welcome New Clients, select clients to thank and ask for feedback / survey / reviews. These options are available in email and postcard formats.

    See each client's personalized portal page and send them an invite to login. You can easily email or text selected clients (custom or pre-set messages). See when a clients reminders were mailed, when marketing programs were sent and track their response (when was appt. made).

    Imagine having your clients that are overdue for services or have lapsed after 90 days of reminders, now at your fingertips. You can text or email directly from the Client Connection. Recovering patients was never easier for you and your staff! We can also set-up an automatic recovery postcard for services that have lapsed over 90 days.

    Your monthly performance reports are also available in the Client Connection Center, along with your Standard of Care metrics. This report show exactly what percentage of clients are set-up to receive reminders, broken out by reminder items.

    The new Client Connect does all of this and so much more! Call today and schedule a 30 minute demo. You can now have everything on one platform!

    Would you like a custom report based on your client data that you are unable to pull easily from your practice management system? Ask us, we can create it and place into your Client Connection Center.


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    Convenient link for immediate appointment request

    All print and electronic reminders include an easy, short link to a "Request an Appointment" page.  Don't have one?  Don't worry, we can set one up for you and then forward these requests directly to you.

    This makes it easy and convenient for a client to be able to take immediate action, 24/7, to get their pet in for services.

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    Upcoming reminders and pet vaccines card always available, for all pets

    With the portal and app, clients can easily access a listing of all upcoming services for all of their pets, any time they want them.  They can request an appointment or send the practice a message or request for a prescription refill.

    If you already have an appointment, prescription refill and message links, we re-direct the client to those pages.  If not, we set these pages up and send you information from the clients, directly.

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    Hands-free service for you and your staff

    With Boomerang, you set it and forget it.  We work with two data retrieval services to connect to your practice management system, in the background, after hours.  Once you've set your reminders up just the way you want them, there is nothing you or your staff have to do.  Your reminders are on auto-pilot.  And, you can adjust or update your settings and your promotional messages anytime you want.


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    Encouraging patients to get the wellness services you recommend--helping implement your preventive care standards

    We identify any patients you have who are not yet receiving all the wellness services you recommend and include a recommendation for these services on the reminder for their annual visit.

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    We have created additional marketing programs that are available for your use.  Many can be customized for your practice and were designed to help drive additional business to your clinic.  There are Dental Awareness, Obesity in Pets, Spotlight on Seniors, Welcome New Clients, Happy Birthday Greetings, Heartworm, and Leptospirosis awareness to name a few.  We have created a specialized card that contains a bag for fecal collection to make it easy for your clients to bring in a sample. This allows you to do a mail blast campaign to increase parasite checks in your practice.  We can also do custom marketing to homes with pets to reach out to people in your neighborhood who might not be using your services.

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    Upgraded websites

    We work with leading veterinary website companies, to provide advanced, engaging websites for those practices that want single source billing of marketing services.

    A contemporary, compelling website not only can bring in new clients, it can also serve as the primary point of contact and engagement with your current clients, between visits.  Our portal, on your website, becomes a way for your clients to stay on top of the services for their pets and stay in touch with your practice.


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