Services Agreement

  • Authorizing Practice Signature

Practice signature here authorizes Vet Data or Vetgate Global to contact the practice and commence data retrieval services.


The Simple Details


Data Extraction and Retrieval

Boomerang Communications is utilizing the data extraction and retrieval services of Vet Data or Vetgate Global in order to retrieve and prepare practice data for use with the services of Boomerang Communications, on behalf of the practice.



The services provided by Boomerang Communications include but are not limited to:

  • Produce targeted client communications such as reminders and custom marketing campaigns for the practice;
  • Track and report performance within a single practice;
  • Track and report performance and compare anonymously to other practices.


Initially, Boomerang Communications will use the practice data to conduct a Reminder Performance Assessment. After that, if the practice requests, Boomerang Communications will provide Reminder Marketing Services:

  • Client Communications: develop creative content and graphics for client/pet print reminders and other campaigns.
  • Prepare Practice Data: process the data on specific clients and pets to be included in the reminder campaigns.
  • Fulfillment: print/mail or electronic transmission as determined by agreement with Practice.
  • Marketing Campaign Reporting: Each campaign will include the following reports to the Practice:
    • Campaign execution reports: campaign identification and description, mailing dates, targeting criteria, number sent.
    • Campaign tracking reports per campaign provided monthly to include number of client responses, response rate, number of sales (conversions) and conversion rate.

The Practice may cancel reminder services at any time, with 2 weeks notice.



  • $0.73/reminder card or special marketing card, includes standard postage
  • $11/wk for Pull/Processing Fee
  • $9/wk each for Email, Text and Portal Processing Fee or $22/wk for all three

(Invoices are paid weekly, in advance by ACH or card, since the Post Office does not accept credit)

  • $50 One time Setup of Reminder Template & Customization of Reminder Rules
  • $150 One time Setup and Re-sizing of Library of Patient Photos
  • $500 Reminder Performance Assessment and Consultation, waived if practice elects the Boomerang reminder service


Optional 60 Day No-Risk Trial: if the practice elects the trial, it will pay full fees during 60 Day No-Risk Trial. A practice-specific target response rate will be established by agreement with the practice, during initial consultation.  If that target rate is not achieved after response information has come in for the 60 days of mailings and if the practice elects to cancel the Boomerang service, all reminder and pull fees for the 60 days will be refunded, excluding the price of postage.  (Generally, the response data is available by 6 weeks after each week’s mailing.)


Contact Information

Boomerang Communications, LLC.
60 N. Market St C200,
Asheville, NC 28801
(800) 658-0121

Complete and sign above or download and send signed Agreement to:
Kim Moran:

Consultation: Paul Hall: 614-593-2282
Client Service: Kim Moran: 919-368-8242
Operations: Eric Muhlenkamp: 614-595-2234
Accounting: Amy Weinhold: 614-402-1354


Privacy Policy

Boomerang Communications collects practice, client and patient data from practice management systems to provide valuable reminder marketing services and to generate marketing performance reports.  Boomerang Communications is committed to keeping this confidential information secure, only using it in accordance with this privacy policy. Boomerang Communications will not disclose any practice data to outside users without the practice’s expressed written permission.

Vet Data and Vetgate, each, as a data retrieval partner of Boomerang Communications, is bound by the Boomerang Communications Privacy Policy and the practice data will be utilized only for the reminder services outlined above.



Practices receiving reporting and client communication services from Boomerang Communications are prohibited from revealing any Boomerang Communications methodologies, processes or end-products to any outside third party.