Increase in Weekly Reminder Revenue

Boomerang Communications’ practices achieve on average a 32% increase in weekly reminder revenue. This percentage increase equates to over $83,000 in incremental annual reminder revenue in a 2.5 FTE DVM practice.

Reminder Revenue Increase

By emphasizing preventive care performance, Boomerang practices benefit from revenue performance that is more controllable, sustainable and predictable. These practices generate 29% of total practice revenue from reminders, while the established national average is 16%. Our ability to consistently increase each practice’s reminder performance permits us to offer performance improvement guarantees.

Highest performing, most cost effective reminder system and your Practice’s Preventive Care Roadmap

Boomerang Communications’ reminder system maximizes response, compliance, revenue & ROI:

  1. Larger format postcard garners a higher response rate and higher compliance!
  2. Priced up to 20% less than comparable reminder services
  3. Reminder processing incorporates over a dozen exclusive attributes proven to maximize performance
  4. Captures pets/clients not currently receiving communications so you can bring them back in
  5. Helps you fully implement your recommended services protocol across all your patients
  6. Compatible with all major third party client communication portals and marketing platforms
  7. Proprietary analytics and reporting to identify missed opportunities and demonstrate ROI
  8. Is more than a client communications service; Boomerang Communications is the Preventive Care “Roadmap” for your practice

Pervasive Opportunity

Practices pursuing the most efficient path to growth should identify the most pervasive missed opportunities involving the highest number of pets. Based on studies from multiple authoritative bodies such as NCVEI and the Partnership for Preventive Care, this pervasive missed opportunity involves preventive care services and products. Preventive care or wellness services and products are applicable to essentially all pets served by a veterinary practice.

A Gold Mine of Data

Boomerang Communications uses a proprietary algorithm to analyze client behavior following practice communications. Results are reported on a monthly basis. These insights are utilized to optimize our client practices’ performance resulting in consistently higher ROI.