More patients back in,
for the services they need and the wellness care you recommend.

Our Mission:   Healthier Patients, Stronger Practice Revenue

The Boomerang Communication veterinary reminder system maximizes the number of patients that come back in for their services

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‘Email, text and app reminders help reach some clients. But, printed reminder postcards are still, by far, the most effective way to get patients back in the door.’

What do your current reminders look like?
How are they performing?
Are they bringing in as many patients as possible?

With Boomerang, more patients get the wellness services you recommend



Getting Results
Patients Getting Their Services; Practices with Higher Revenue!

The average Boomerang practice is getting:

  • 24% higher response/compliance–patients back in the door to get the services keeping them healthy
  • An average of $7,000+ additional revenue/mo (per 2-vets)
  • $62 sales for every $1 spent on reminders — even higher for first attempts


What Our Clients Say


I searched and researched for 6 months to find the optimal resource for our reminder and recall system. I found it with Boomerang. As the owner of multiple practices, I know how important it is to market internally to our clients. It is our job to provide their pets with the best care possible and that starts with client communications. Boomerang Vet just gets it! They understand reminders and preventive care performance are more than just postcard mailings but the correct communications and recalls at the right time analyzed for the best result. Boomerang's reminder performance assessment identifies the gaps and provides the correct solutions.

Dr David ThurmondOwner of The WellPet Center and West Oaks Animal Hospital

Introduction to Boomerang Communications

Comprehensive reminder & preventive care strategy

Boomerang Communications combines expertise in database marketing with proven best practices in reminder and preventive care strategies to help veterinarians provide the highest level of care to the pets they treat. For 5 years, we’ve partnered with practices to improve preventive care compliance and increase client visits, ultimately resulting in improved financial performance.





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