Committed to healthier patients
and stronger practice revenue.



We identify and bring in more patients so that you can keep them healthy, thriving and happy.

...including patients who may be not-yet-responsive, over-looked or just missing some of the wellness care services you recommend.


For 29 years we've helped bring customers back in to large, medium and small businesses.  Our focus, from the beginning, has been utilizing analytics to optimize the number of clients who come back in, and address the needs of each of the company's individual clients.

In 2014 we started using cutting-edge digital printing technology to revolutionize veterinary client reminder communication.  We cut the cost of full color, personalized reminders to the point that we could provide a full-color, large-format, breed-specific/ pet-specific postcard... higher professional quality and twice the size... for the same cost that veterinary hospital and clinics are paying for traditional small, low-impact reminders.

We added personalized emails with breed-specific and pet-specific images.  These emails are timed to boost the number of pet-owners booking appointments and bringing their pets in for services.

COMPLETING THE SOLUTION -- Personalized Text, Mobile, Portal

Over the past year we've added new advanced "long-code" text messaging... where each message is personalized for a particular pet, from a specific practice.  This text messaging system uses "text-enabled" land line technology... not the traditional high-volume promotional "blast" text messaging that was subject to spam-blocking.

At the same time we launched new personalized pet-owner portal and mobile app, to let a pet-owner see all vaccine and wellness reminders for all their pets, and easily print pet-ID vaccine cards and message a clinic 24/7 from a phone or any device.

We set up Request for Appointment pages for each practice that didn't have one.  We placed links to both the appointment request and portal pages on the practice's card, and in their emails and texts.  So, now all barriers have been lowered for a client to immediately book an appointment for a specific pet.


We grew from 8 practices to over 500 large, medium and small practices across the country.  Primarily these have been clients of one of the country's largest veterinary distributors.

The results our practice clients have gotten have been phenomenal.  As our mission statement says: Healthier Patients and Higher Practice Revenue -- delivered!

We are now opening up and making Boomerang reminders, print to portal, available to independent and small group practices directly!


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We take care of your patient reminder communication behind the scenes,
hands free to you, so you and your staff can focus on the care of your patients.


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